BlueBeacon iOS v1.16.03.16


Feature: The BlueBeacon MAIN screen now displays the status ‘Online’ or ‘Offline’. The Offline designator appears when network connectivity is lost and Is accompanied by an image of a lightning bolt to add emphasis. The Online designator requires the BlueBeacon contact to successfully authenticate with the server.

Feature: Trigger a contact panic when the Power and Home buttons are simultaneously pressed.

Feature:  A contact may ‘Checkin’ and ‘Checkout’ to a location and/or tasking for example. Select the Checkin/Checkout icon from the BlueBeacon MAIN screen. It reports GPS location, date, time and any manually added text to M2M and the Blueforce Command Center. 

Feature:  Optional “Panic Type” popup that specifies the nature of a panic. The panic types can be customized. The default types are “911 Emergency”, “Medical” and “Disciplinary”. Optional text entry is included.  If enabled, Panic Type and custom text is sent to M2M and the Blueforce Command Center. 

Feature:  Software update notification and an in-app upgrade. A ‘package’ icon appears on the BlueBeacon MAIN screen in the upper left hand corner of the screen if a software update is available. The user may touch the “package” to select for an in-app upgrade.

Feature:  Disabled device sleep mode when the Contact is in ‘Checkin’ so that the on-board camera(s) may fire in a panic scenario.

Anomaly: Location tracking is active when BlueBeacon is offline.

To disable location tracking when offline:

  • On the iOS device home screen SELECT the Settings icon
  • SELECT Privacy
  • SELECT Location Services
  • SELECT BlueBeacon
  • SELECT "While Using App"


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