What Database Management is required for Web Command Center and Listener Products?


Blueforce’s Web Command Center product line leverages an “under the covers” relational database for information storage. Organizations that wish to host an on-premises instance of Web Command Center should have a database administrator on staff who can setup the environment, but also ensure proper grooming and maintenance of the database. While Command Center stores information in the RDBMS, it also store pointers to files in locations specified by the Command Center system configuration for a specific environment. Blueforce recommends the following practices for proper operation of our software environment:



- DBA should setup scripts or other mechanisms that perform a full database and transaction log backup.

- DBA should establish a rolling 30-day log view and purge any log entries over 30-days old. Your Blueforce Project Manager can provide the EntryDateTime column index that can be keyed upon.



- DBA should establish a script that rebuilds the database indexes.

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