The microphone icon in IntegrisManager does not show for a selected IntegrisMobile user?


IntegrisManager will display available sensors next to each name in the user roster.  The "microphone" is an icon used to represent the "Listener plugin" for IntegrisMobile Android or iOS tablets.smartphones.,,If the microphone is not showing for a user in the IntegrisManager user roster, it can be for any of the following reasons:

1. Ensure that the IntegrisMobile client is online.  If not, click on the gray ball and then click on the GREEN ball to put the client online.

2. The plugin is not loaded and/or not configured within the IntegrisMobile client.  To remedy this, go to the IntegrisMobile tablet/smartphone, click ont eh SENSORS icon, and ensure the Listener Plugin is installed, configured, and "loaded".

3. XPRES may not be enabled for the subscribed IntegrisManager contact.  To remedy this, go to the IntegrisMobile tablet/smartphone and click on the subscribed IntegrisManager contact that is experiencing the issue. You will now be in what is called the "Contact View".  Click on the OPTIONS hardware button and ensure XPRES is ON for the specific IntegrisManager contact.


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