How do I load a Sensor Plug-In in BTAC?


Contents of PowerPoint (attached below):

From the BTAC Home Screen SELECT the Contact Name at the TOP of the SCREEN.

A DROP DOWN MENU will appear.

  • SELECT the SENSOR Icon

The BLUEFORCE SENSOR PLUG-IN Page will appear.

  • SELECT the All TAB

SCROLL through the list of Sensor Plug-Ins until the desired Sensor Plug-In is located.

  • SELECT the GREEN Arrow to INSTALL the desired Sensor

A Message will appear saying “Plug-In Installed Successfully”, then disappear.

A RED Trash Can will appear next to the Sensor plug-In name. If the RED Trash Can is SELECTED, the Sensor Plug-In will be DELETED.

  • SELECT the Sensor Plug-In Name to configure the Sensor, if needed.
  • SELECT Edit
  • SELECT Configure Tab
  • SELECT “SDCARD” Folder
  • SELECT “BTAC_ReceivedFiles” Folder
  • SELECT the “Select” Tab
  • CHECK the BOX to “Start Sensor when BTAC starts”.
  • SELECT “Done”
  • SELECT “Sensor is off” to turn Sensor ON.
  • Sensor is now ENABLED
  • SELECT the RETURN Button twice to RETURN to the HOME PAGE
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